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September 15th, 2021

Grown in California:
The Blue Diamond Almond Podcast

Stay up to date on current trends as well as the future of almonds and almond ingredients. CJ McClellan, Senior Manager of Strategic Marketing and other members of the Blue Diamond Global Ingredients Team interview industry experts and Blue Diamond thought leaders to bring you applied almond expertise and valuable insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Ep. 1: The Evolution of Clean Label:
Addressing Consumer Demands

w/ Sarb Dhanjal, Carole Bingley & Sean Allen

Topics covered include consumer insights and trends, potential applications for almonds and almond ingredients, and the way the industry as a whole is moving to prioritize clean label.

Ep. 2: The Plant-Based Food Revolution:
Meeting Emerging Consumer Needs

w/ Laurie Colin, Emma Ignaszewski & Bobby McCuan

Topics covered include plant-based foods market insights and trends, industry reaction to the increase in demand for plant-based products, and potential applications for almonds and almond ingredients.

Ep. 3: The Co-Op Story and Advantage:
Sustainability and Ethics

w/ CEO Mark Jansen, Mel Machado & Michael Coe

Topics covered include consumer insights and trends, why Blue Diamond is structured as a co-op and what that means to local farmers and your business, and the way the industry as a whole is moving to prioritize sustainability and ethical business practices.

Ep. 4: Exploring Top 2022 Industry Trends

w/ Sean Allen & Lu Ann Williams

Topics covered include the changes consumers have made to how they eat, as well as how they snack more because of the pandemic, and how convenience is expected to continue playing an important role in food purchase decisions as consumers return to school or the office.

Ep. 5: Sustainable Innovation with Non-Dairy Ingredients

w/ Dr. Dan Sonke & Laurie Colin

Topics covered include an in-depth look at non-dairy products, consumer interest in sustainability, and how non-dairy products can meet the current demand for sustainability.

Ep. 6: The Better-for-You Bakery Trends Formulators Need to Know

w/ Stephanie Doan & Debbie Rogoff

Topics covered include trends shaping the better-for-you bakery space, how "free-from" diets are influencing bakery formulations, and why this category is poised to grow even more in the coming years.

Ep. 7: Delivering the Benefits of Almond Sustainability 

w/ Dr. Dan Sonke

Topics covered include Blue Diamond’s working definition of sustainability, the pillars of our recently-released Growing a Better Tomorrow 2022 Sustainability Report and the ways we’re delivering a more sustainable product to our customers.