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Breakfast Made Better: 3 Trends to Watch

Breakfast Series Learn about the trends driving breakfast innovation, including: Growth for at-home snacking Demand for indulgent textures Growing interest in plant-based options Breakfast has… [Read More]

September 22nd, 2021

Q&A: What’s For Breakfast?

Breakfast Series Blue Diamond’s Laura Gerhard, Vice President of Global Ingredients, discusses: Shifts in consumers’ breakfast habits Breakfast innovation trends Opportunities for innovation with almonds… [Read More]

September 21st, 2021

3 Ways Almonds Give Breakfast A Boost

Breakfast Series Explore how almonds can elevate your breakfast offerings with: Desirable textures Plant-based nutrition A simpler label Looking for a way to elevate your… [Read More]

September 20th, 2021

Top Trends in European Bakery

Bakery Series Learn how to address evolving consumer preferences in the bakery market, including: A growing interest in simpler ingredients A focus on positive nutrition… [Read More]

September 17th, 2021

Flavorful & Functional Snacking

Snack Series Learn how almonds can improve your snack formulations via: Added taste and texture A simpler label Well-rounded nutritional benefits If you want to… [Read More]

September 16th, 2021

3 Ways to Use Almonds in Bars

Nutrition Bar Series With a crunchy texture that can satisfy a craving at any time of day – not to mention powerful, plant-based nutrition in… [Read More]

July 15th, 2021